Company Formation


Shrewville Limited trading as Simson's Fisheries was formed in 1974.

Directors, Charles Organ and Bob Mawji, worked from a shared office in the City of London importing and distributing frozen Kenyan shellfish throughout the UK and Europe.

The main products traded were King Prawns and Lobster Tails produced by Samaki Foods in Mombassa.



Ealing Shop


The company moved to a leasehold wetfish shop in Ealing. Freezer facilities were installed to store the King Prawns and Lobster Tails prior to sale and distribution.

Tim Lucas, who had been researching into lobster farming and trading in live shellfish, joined the company and added a fresh and live arm to the products offered.

Simson's continued to operate the retail shop, the import/export business and started local restaurant deliveries.



Coulsdon Move


By 1978 the company had outgrown the Ealing facilities and moved the main business to the current premises in Coulsdon, Surrey.

Richard Organ joined the firm and continued to run the retail shop until the lease was sold.

The Coulsdon premises were chosen because of their position. Easy access to Heathrow and Gatwick airports, the South coast for local fish supplies and the channel Ports for the import/export business that had been developed. Access to Central London also enabled Simson's to increase the restaurant supply business.

The new premises comprised a warehouse with a freestanding freezer, 3 offices and a boardroom!

Fresh fish storage facilities and lobster tanks were added and the ground floor boardroom was converted into a preparation area.

Restaurant and other caterers were supplied and a fleet of vehicles started to grow.



Expansion of Premises



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By 1985 Simson's had outgrown these facilities and the first expansion programme took place. A purpose built chilled warehouse with new offices above was built along with a plant room. Live shellfish storage tanks were installed where 2 tons of lobsters or crabs could be kept in natural, recirculating, filtered seawater. A new freezer was constructed.

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Veg Produce


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The restaurant supply business flourished and in the early nineties a produce arm was added following numerous requests from chefs for specialist products-salads, vegetables, fresh mushrooms, cheese etc- available from Rungis Market in Paris.


A lorry was purchased and we bought and collected the produce as ordered from Rungis for wholesale and Restaurant delivery in London.

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Second Expansion

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In 1993 Simson's obtained further land behind the premises and were able to embark on a second expansion which involved a van parking area and new deep chill facilities with a chiller basement area.

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Simson's continued to extend distribution to the catering trade throughout London and the South East the fleet growing to 12 refrigerated vehicles. This increase was mostly by recommendation through word of mouth.

In 1993 Bob Mawji retired through ill health.






Simson's exhibited regularly during the years from 1994 to 2007 taking part in the Restaurant show and Hotelympia.

We created stands in conjuction with partners promoting English Wines, Frozen Purees, Oysters and French Artisan Cheese as well as our traditional products.

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1994 Restaurant Show                                                                                                 1995 Restaurant Show

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1996 Restaurant Show                                                                                                 1997 Hotelympia


2007 Restaurant Show


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Simson's Fisheries have obtained Third Party Accreditation every year since 1996.




 Take Over


In 2008 following an accident causing Charles' untimely early retirement due to ill health, Shrewville Ltd was sold to Loch Fyne Oysters.

The two companies had been trading together for some time and the principle that we could weld the talents and expertise together should have been sound business.

The Loch Fyne Restaurants nationwide were serviced on a daily bases with their fish requirements.

Temporary Chilled warehouse facilities were created.

Unfortunately the principles were not fulfilled.

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 Take Back


In February 2012 the shares of Shrewville Ltd were re-purchased by Tim Lucas and Simson's Fisheries embarked in the latest phase of the development.

Back to Basics - Purchase best quality seafood for preparation and distribution to the catering trade where our customers include top hotels, restaurants, retail outlets and caterers.

We have also added an expanding division specialising in the supply of fresh and frozen products to the Oriental Restaurant sector especially products for sushi creation.




 Current Situation


Current directors Tim Lucas and Stuart Boyd are confident that, despite the upheavals of the last few years, there will be many more chapters to be added in the future for Simsons Fisheries.

The core customer base is still intact and growing. The majority of our staff, both production and sales, have many years of experience and service with Simson's.  Over 30 years in some cases.

We have recently added some youth to the team to ensure the future.